What Does Working with a Tri Coach Look Like?

Jen Myers
USAT Coach


Painting the Big Picture

  • ​Coach and athlete will meet so your Coach can get to know YOU - your athletic/fitness background, current fitness goals, competitive drive, time/schedule availability, health status, etc.
  • Together we'll identify macro and micro goals for the race season.
  • Annual race calendar selection guidance
  • Periodic testing and zone setting

​Detailed Custom Daily Workouts

  • ​This is the "meat and potatoes" of your Training Program. Your coach will provide detailed daily workouts that will get you to your race goals.
  • Your workouts are available through an online dashboard and a mobile app.
  • Your program will work only if it fits WITH your life. You and your coach will touch base each week about your next week's, schedule, availability, etc, so your pogram will remain flexible. 

Training Peaks Account

  • During your program, you will have 24/7/365 access to your training dashboard.

Athlete Self-Assessmenet Surveys

  • We believe in coaching the entire athlete - body & mind - so you'll have access to the ATP Self-Assessment Survey to identify your strengths and weaknesses related to mental toughness, confidence, and competitiveness.

Our coaching method is a true partnerhip. We believe athletes have the right to: 

  • Direct and frequent access to your coach via phone, texting, email, video chatting, facebook message...carrier pigeon. 
  • Flexibility. As things come up in your life, triathlon will flex around it and your coach can flex your plan.
  • It's your body so you have a say.  Too much, not enough, too sore, too easy. The more information you share with your Coach, the better your Coach can coach.


  • Packages range from $100/month to $300/month.
  • Before your package can be priced, you will discuss your needs and goals with our Tri Coach.  Depending upon the elements of your program, we'll craft a package that fits with your life.
  • A la carte options are available for example video analysis, mobility programs​, etc. 
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